Top 3 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Industry Trade Shows

For twenty years, Earthwave Technologies has been attending a variety of construction trade shows throughout the country. In 2019 Earthwave attended & exhibited at over 30 different industry trade shows. With the advent of technology, some might think trade shows are a thing of the past, but we beg to disagree. 

Why do these shows matter? Are they still relevant for our industry? Adam Harshman, our National Sales Manager attended over 50% of our shows in 2019 and breaks down the top three reasons attending these shows is of value to us.

 FleetWatcher personnel at SCAPA conference exhibit

  • Build Value With Our Customers

As members of most state and national associations – yearly expos and trade shows become the norm for our team. They are a great opportunity for us to get in front of customers, discuss the previous season, and plan for a new year. With each new year brings new challenges and new opportunities, and trade shows have been a great platform for us to maintain good face time with customers and industry leaders to ensure our solutions are continuing to serve them well. 

  • Stay up to Speed with Industry Trends

Within the construction industry, there are constantly new trends in safety standards, technology, and compliance. Being at trade shows allows us to not only hear from the regulating authority, but it also allows us to hear it from the customers, and in some cases gives us a voice on these topics. Being in the know ensures we are keeping our customers’ needs at the forefront and developing our solutions to meet the required standards. One trade show we attended in 2014 in particular sparked a conversation that resulted in the development of an ‘E-ticketing’ solution with DOT’s, a more recent "buzzword" in the industry

  • Support our Industry

For us, trade shows are a place to cultivate ideas and build relationships. From the board of directors to the exhibitors, everyone is there with one goal – to grow and support the industry in any way we can. Attending these shows and becoming active members is an easy way to help the different National and State Associations continue to fund and support yearlong initiatives designed to benefit the industry. 


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