Construction Management Solution

Reduce Idle Time, Fuel Costs, Equipment Costs, & Under-Utilized Equipment.


Construction Management Solution

Do you need to get a handle on idle time, on fuel cost, and on equipment costs in general? Want a daily report on equipment start and stop times or engine run and idle times? Need to know what equipment is not being effectively utilized right now?

Over the past twenty years, we have developed our Construction Management Solution specifically for heavy equipment contractors. Regardless of the size of your operation, you can get timely, accurate, and useful information to take action and effectively manage your equipment, your people, and your business. When it comes to managing machinery, knowledge is your most powerful tool. That is why FleetWatcher allows you to access critical equipment data in real-time.

Our hardware platform connects directly to the computer of your off road equipment.
From pavers to excavators, loaders and dozers, we are pulling data right from the machine; including:

  • Hour meter Readings
  • RPM’s
  • Fuel Usage
  • Temperatures
  • Asset Auto-assignment to Job
  • And much more

Learn how our CMS customer of 9 years, RIPA & Associates saved $1.3 million in preventive maintenance, resale value and fuel usage their first year of implementation in this customer spotlight featured in Construction Business Owner Magazine here.  

We want to help YOU and your team optimize the efficiency and productivity of your machines, people, operations and increase profits!

How It Works

FleetWatcher makes your job easier. Our system—which was built specifically for the heavy equipment industry—gathers your information and delivers it in a way that is easy to understand and ready to act upon.

Daily snapshot. Multiple times throughout the day, we collect specific and customized data from your fleet. That information, which is housed on our website, is then processed and delivered in the specific data and format you request. Our useful reports (available online or in MS Excel format) can be shared with your whole team. With over 20 reports and hundreds of filtering options at your finger tips, your team will have the information they need to manage everything from a quality preventative maintenance program to equipment costs and operator performance.

Integration with other business systems. You can also choose to have FleetWatcher automatically integrated with your accounting and job cost systems—bringing everything you need together for a more comprehensive view.

A place on the map. With our customized GPS technology, you’ll always know where your equipment is located. No more guess work or endless phone calls to track down a piece of equipment. All location reports are available online or downloadable to most common mapping programs.

Track time. FleetWatcher tracks multiple data points for you, including:

  • Cycle times
  • Productivity and down times
  • Equipment utilization and underutilization
  • Exact location of each piece of equipment
  • Project status
  • Budgets
  • Shop costs
  • Rental expenses
  • Trends and behaviors

FleetWatcher helps you maintain a healthy fleet focused on getting the job done on time, within budget and to your customers’ satisfaction.

Do You Move Dirt?

  • Better Asset Management
  • Greater Productivity and Efficiency
  • Better Control over Costs
  • Real-time engine idle tracking impacts more than your bottom line

But you won't see the benefit until you get the ball rolling. Click the link below to speak with one of our product specialists to learn how FleetWatcher can help solve your most burning issues!