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About Us

FleetWatcher, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leading provider of cutting-edge telematics solutions exclusively for the heavy equipment contractor. Since developing our prototype wireless hour meter in 2000, FleetWatcher’s sole purpose and function has been to learn the construction industry and develop the best wireless tracking solution to help heavy equipment contractors manage their equipment, projects, costs and bottom line.

Since 2014, working with paving contractors across the country, FleetWatcher has revolutionized Materials Management for asphalt contractors by providing them with better visibility to manage cycle times, reduce trucking costs, and increase production rates. The solution can be customized to include scale integration from any plant and quarry sources, to electronically capture load information and meet DOT requirements for e-ticketing initiatives, with or without hardware.

We have developed every feature and every function, every report and even the hardware to meet your needs. We do it all; from product development to customer support, training, installation support and training and management training and system implementation. Our people live and breathe FleetWatcher and are all totally focused on helping our customers use our system to improve their processes, operations and business.

And the most important thing about FleetWatcher is that we know you and know your business.

We are in the construction industry. And we believe it is the greatest industry with the greatest people in the world! We’re not a high-tech firm or a computer company. We have made it our business to know your business. We have gotten our boots dirty in the field, our hands dirty in the shop and our brains dirtied in the office learning the construction industry, and the problems and challenges you face. Working hand in hand with our customers, we have designed FleetWatcher wireless fleet management system to help them and you get control of your production, your cost, your equipment and your business!

As our customers will tell you, we are passionate about helping them change and improve their operations and their business with FleetWatcher. And we’d like to help you too!