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Fleetwatcher E-Logs 

When the DOT calls, will you be ready?

Federally mandated Hours-of-Service rules for drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles goes into effect in December 2017.  The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rule applies to those motor carriers and drivers who are required to keep records of duty status (RODS). 

  • Fleetwatcher E-Logs is the most comprehensive E-Logs tablet app and portal in the industry
  • Fleetwatcher E-Logs will appeal to fleets from Owner-Operator to medium-large fleets including DVIR, and customized DVIR
  • Supports JBUS and VBUS connectivity

Fleetwatcher E-Logs Product Features

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  • Fully Compliant with FMCSA
  • Support for both USA and Canada federal driving rules and exemptions
  • Complete Tablet Functionality
  • Connection to an ELD device to substantiate driver information and provide engine data for optimal vehicle performance
  • Designed for fleets that require back office integration or added services
  • Synchronization with Portal
  • Customizable DVIR
  • Driver Status
  • Team Driver and Multiple Vehicle Support
  • Edit Support On Both Portal and Tablet, Audit History

Enhanced DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports)

  • EW - DVIR Image.pngCustomizable pre-trip, post-trip, and Ad-Hoc DVIR points on per asset or class of asset basis
  • Camera integration
  • Speech to text to avoid typing (and typos), time stamping of DVIR entries

Learn more about how Fleetwatcher E-Logs can help your fleet comply with FMCSA rules and guidelines by requesting a Web Demo today!