E-Ticketing with FleetWatcher

Largest Provider of E-Ticketing Solution in the U.S. since 2016

Quick E-ticketing Overview

  • Eliminate paper tickets 
  • No more lost tickets 
  • Utilize FOBphone
  • Provide materials and tonnage verification 
  • No time-consuming ticket sorting 
  • Quickly summarize tickets for contractor payments
  • Reduce work site hazards for Inspectors frequently dodging trucks 
  • Ticket information is now “data” for potential future use and analysis

Advanced Real-Time Features  

  • Designed to reduce costs associated with over-trucking or under-trucking 
  • Eliminate bottle-necks at paver and/or plant 
  • Hold drivers accountable for performance and production 
  • Optimize cycle times – move more tonnage 
  • Virtual Shift Tickets to automate payroll processes 
  • Scales Integration to help with job costing / future bidding 
  • Alerts / Notifications to management when benchmarks fall outside of norm 
  • Track paver speed for production


For More Information check out our

E-Ticketing One Sheet


By having all the tickets electronically with a daily summary report, lost tickets go away, which minimizes quantity disputes at monthly estimate processing and concurrence of final quantities. This also means that the tickets and summary reports are available to those not on the site such as Area Administrators and Engineers, thus they can monitor progress from the home office. E-ticketing also enhances our safety initiative as safety professionals everywhere agree that this location is where more accidents happen on the jobsite. 

                                                              Skip Powe, P.E., State Construction Engineer, ALDOT