How Jon M Hall Implemented FleetWatcher

Before signing on with FleetWatcher, the team at Jon M. Hall was looking to reduce idle time and increase production. They knew a telematics software would help them improve operations but there was a concern that learning how to navigate a new system would be time-consuming and difficult to implement. 


Rich Fuist is the Fleet Operations Manager at Jon M Hall Company, located in Central Florida. He has been a FleetWatcher user for the past 11 years. After signing on with Jon M Hall Company in 2015, Rich realized that the GPS tracking system JMH was using at the time was not providing the same benefits that he knew FleetWatcher could. During a meeting with Jon Hall Jr and the general superintendent, Rich

showed the difference between the two telematic systems and explained why he thought FleetWatcher was a better fit for the company.


“The information FleetWatcher offers is useful to every division in our company” Rich stated. “To be successful with the system, you must train everyone on what information is available, how to retrieve it, and analyze it. My team emails out 2 reports daily to our office and field personnel. One is a company-wide equipment utilization report and the other is a utilization by job site report. One report helps determine if we have a piece of equipment available before renting, and the other shows how efficient a job site is with the equipment they have. FleetWatcher also helps with reducing idle time through real-time data, allowing us to take immediate action through alerts instead of seeing the ridiculous idle time in a report a month later. The number of alerts available that you could tailor to your company needs helps make this a great system”. 

Rich has also developed a way to create a solar-powered alarm system using the company’s  FleetWatcher unit and the “starter Disable” feature on all of his 60 conex site storage boxes. We have the details to share with you if you are interested.

Rich tracks reports every day (shown below) that show the number of hours the machines run. He then shares these idle reports with his team so they can get an idea of what their equipment utilization is.

The image above is a stock photo and not customer data from Jon M. Hall Company. At a glance, Rich can accurately judge the appropriate usage of his equipment based on productive and idle time and has the tools to make a timely decision in real-time.

Stock image of Utilization report shown above.

Tracking utilization reports, as well as load count, has made the company more strategic about renting equipment and has helped Jon M Hall significantly reduce costs and increase productivity on job sites.


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