The Fleetwatcher Impact on Business Operations

Fleetwatcher is a comprehensive Management Information System that impacts and affects many people, processes and departments within the heavy equipment contractor’s organization. Specifically, Fleetwatcher and Earthwave help our customers solve problems.

The following identifies the problems our customers have indicated that Fleetwatcher helps them address and solve, in order of magnitude.  

1. Underproductive Equipment and Operators/Drivers

Excessive Idle time/Fuel Costs How much is your equipment working when it is running? How much and when is it working to make you money? Is the cost of idle time an issue? Is the cost of overtime for operators or drivers an issue?

2. Inaccurate, Untimely Job/Equipment Costing

Ineffective bidding/estimating Are equipment hours turned in on timesheets accurately reflecting reality?  How does this affect other parts of your business? At what cost?

3. Underutilized Equipment

Is your equipment where it is being utilized to the highest? Do you have too many of certain types of equipment? Rent equipment when you have owned equipment not being utilized?

4. Ineffective Planned Maintenance Program

Do you perform your services when they are due? Do you have trouble tracking hours and location to schedule maintenance?

5. Ineffective Tracking of Equipment/Vehicles

Is your equipment tracked to the right job? Do you know where all of your equipment is? Are your vehicles where they are supposed to be?

If you have any of these problems, what is the cost to your company of not solving them? Let us show you how we have helped our customers address and solve these problems.

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