How Wright Paving has Utilized FleetWatcher


Earthwave confidently made an unforeseeable job happen for Wright Paving Contractors. This Tennessee-based company soon realized FleetWatcher was an essential asset concerning their daily activities. We had the privilege to learn about Wright Paving's journey with FleetWatcher and the positive impact built on this family business. 

Wright Paving Contractors first discovered Earthwave through a cold call. Wright Paving decided to dive into FleetWatcher when the Tennessee Department of Transportation required electronic ticketing. The estimator of Wright Paving, Grady Wright IV, mentioned, "If we hadn't found Earthwave, you know, successfully implemented it and worked with them, then we would've missed out on the interstate job". This led them to connect with Earthwave's team and implement FleetWatcher's functionalities. This company soon realized the accuracy and efficiency of E-Ticketing which swiftly eliminated their former problems with collecting tickets from each division. 

Patty Wright emphasized, "The best feature, I think, with the FleetWatcher app is just being able to see things in real-time". This paving company intertwined the load cycle analysis with their daily usage. It was beneficial in viewing every movement of every truck and their location relative to the job in real-time. The utilization of the Executive Scoreboard was vital for the owner and estimator. The Executive Scoreboard displays a simple format where users can view key performance indicators. 

The owner, Tommy Wright, concluded, "The GPS, the map, and the e-ticketing, even though it was a learning curve, I think it would be good for the industry". Wright Paving admitted their fears of proceeding toward implementing new technology with an unforeseeable future. Like every company decision, there was much deliberation to carry on with this investment. Wright Paving realized that the return on the investment with FleetWatcher was much worth it. Patty Wright expresses, "I think other companies should consider investing in technology like FleetWatcher because it is where the future is heading". 

Earthwave's support team that strives to fulfill all their needs substantially impacted Wright Paving. Earthwave readily provided availability to make implementation easier than Wright Paving expected. Both teams worked hand in hand during a night job to ensure the technology was functioning to its full potential, and provide Wright Paving a step in the right direction. "Without, you know, working hand in hand with them that way, I don't know if we would've had the success that we had with the job".

This is how we helped Wright Paving utilize technology during their daily activities. For more information on how your company can do the same, click the demo button below. 


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