Life made easier at Allan Myers with FleetWatcher

Allan Myers, founded in 1939 is the largest heavy civil construction company and materials provider in the Mid-Atlantic with 8 regional offices, 19 asphalt and aggregate plants and 5 active quarries. Headquartered in Worcester, P.A. their services include: design-build, site development, transportation, water and asphalt and aggregate production.

Allen Myers uses fleetwatcher to manage paving operations


Working in the Materials-Transportation Division, Cody McGreevy is their Logistics Coordinator and has been with the company for almost 5 years. Cody uses FleetWatcher on a daily basis to analyze their paving jobs and find the most efficient routing for all of their trucks.

Before FleetWatcher, their process was a little more difficult: “We had not been able to analyze our trucking/paving work from this vantage point before, now we are able to have more detailed conversations with Foreman/Supervisors to help us have the most efficient trucking/jobs as possible.”

One of the ways they do this is through the mobile app or tablet which Cody is excited to use for shift activation. Does he have a favorite feature so far? “My favorite feature is the “instant replay” function.  Being able to watch where all of our trucks are and where they have to drive to at any given point during the job has helped us clear up a lot of questions (which makes my life much easier!). We are hoping to continue to dive deeper this year. ” 

How has the support been in making his “life easier”? “I would rate the service 10/10.  Guys like Matt, Nik, and Kurt have always supported me in a timely manner and are very knowledgeable on all of my questions. I do not believe we would have had the success with Fleetwatcher without their support.” 

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