IDOT Uses E-Ticketing

Electronic Ticketing (e-Ticketing) solutions are growing increasingly common among construction companies and transportation agencies around the country. These paperless ticketing systems provide a means to track materials and tonnage verification while also preventing worksite hazards and lost tickets. 

e-Ticketing allows workers to safely collect tickets and monitor materials status in near real-time. Source: FHWA

The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) was one of the first DOTs to adopt e-Ticketing, beginning as early as 2015. Since its first pilot, Iowa has experienced a significant increase in e-Ticketing use. IDOT has since used e-Ticketing on over 80 different projects.

The main purpose of Iowa’s e-Ticketing program is to create a safer environment for inspectors, track tickets in real-time, and keep all documentation of construction information on a digital platform.

As popularity in electronic ticketing rises, more state highway transportation officials and HMA contractors are able to maintain safety protocol and maximize efficiency for their teams.

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