Feature Release: FOB Delivery Tracker

It's as easy as tracking a pizza delivery....

With FleetWatcher's FOB Delivery Tracker, you will always know when your materials will arrive and where they are being delivered. The FOB Delivery Tracker allows you to send a delivery notification to clients when purchased material has shipped and is en route to their projects, giving them live visibility into the trucks carrying their material.


By simply creating a manual dispatch order and entering the clients contact information, the client will receive an email that allows them to track the delivery of the material from start to finish.

The FOB Delivery Tracker confirmation page will display a map including the source and destination entered and the location of all the trucks delivering the material in real time.

Truck History and Delivery History reports are visible by clicking on each links. The Truck History will display the truck number, subsequent loads, and individual scale ticket details. The Delivery History report shows Date/Time, Truck ID and Tons of each truck delivered.

When the order is complete (full targeted tons entered is delivered) the status page will reflect completed and a Scale Ticket Summary report will be sent to the client via an email attachment.

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Topics: Earthwave Technologies