FleetWatcher Integration Enhances Functionality of B2W, Viewpoint, OnStation, and other Popular Software Programs

As paving contractors and heavy construction contractors increasingly adopt technology to operate more efficiently, FleetWatcher is leading the way with seamless integration with popular software programs.  Providing a seamless flow of data to further enhance the functionality of programs like Viewpoint, B2W, OnStation, and many more.  Data from e-ticketing, cycle counts, tonnage, and more automatically flows from FleetWatcher’s Materials Management Solution (MMS) into the appropriate areas within the software programs, saving time and enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.  With the Fleetwatcher Construction Management Solution (CMS) information like hour meter readings, location, job assignment and equipment move information is available for import.  Directly importing the data eliminates manual input of data and eliminates errors caused during that process.  Additionally, data can be imported into Fleetwatcher from Vista such as project and equipment information creating a central source of truth and eliminating duplicate entry of the information.

Time savings from elimination of manual input is significant.  Heavy construction contractors of all sizes can benefit from this integration by better managing their on-road and off-road assets, utilization, idle-time, productivity, and more to better manage project costs.

“Technology can be a powerful tool, but your software programs have to work together to gain the most benefit,” said Earthwave Founder Larry Baker.  “From the start we’ve worked to integrate FleetWatcher into popular software programs. In 2010 Viewpoint Construction Software selected Earthwave Technologies as their first telematics integration partner, and in 2013 B2W Software selected Earthwave as their first and primary integration partner. In that time, hundreds of customers across the country have benefitted from the seamless flow of data and the efficiencies that it allows”.

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Topics: Materials Management Solution integrations