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With Earthwave's CMS telematics system actionable data, including hour-meter readings, RPMs, fuel usage, temperatures, asset auto-assignment to job and more, is delivered from the jobsite to a phone, tablet or laptop.
Earthwave's Construction Management Solution (CMS) is a wireless telematics systems that features the GS-364 hardware platform that connects directly to the computer/bus of off-road equipment, delivering real-time data.
  • Developed specifically for heavy construction industry
  • Full complement of reports to instantly see what's happening in the field
  • Real-time tracking shows what equipment is at each job, and its status
  • Current status by equipment type shows where all equipment of a certain type is
  • Breadcrumb Trail shows the detailed location information for the machine for the day selected
  • Geozone automatically tracks machine's activity within that Geozone, and when it arrives and leaves the Geozone
  • Maintenance Due Report shows the number of run-time hours before maintenance is due
  • Weekly reports automatically generated
  • Weekly Productivity by Project report provides a detailed, side-by-side comparison for all equipment on a selected project for the week
  • Summary Productivity Report by Project provides a summary of all equipment on any/every project for a selected period of time

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