E-Ticketing 101

No more paper load tickets. No more collecting and compiling. No more reports to complete. Just real-time load ticket data available for the plant and paving crew managers alike, all while improving operational efficiency and safety. 

But what is it and how does it work?

E-Ticketing is an electronic means of producing individual scale tickets and providing material haul summaries for state-funded roadway projects and it continues to evolve and gain traction among state highway transportation officials and HMA contrators.

The benefits include:

  • From a safety standpoint, it reduces the potential for accidents where the inspector is trapped between traffic and construction.
  • From a relationship standpoint, it allows the inspection personnel and contractor representatives to be on the same page regarding material quantities and location in relation to the project. This communication may also lessen the traditional adversarial relationship that is often the case between state DOTs and contractors.
  • From a job responsibility standpoint, the inspector is able to focus on potential project issues, rather than bookkeeping.
  • From an environmental standpoint, a considerable amount of paper is eliminated, and e-ticketing allows information to be digitally stored instead of taking up space in office filing cabinets and boxes that must be stored for several years after project completion.

Our CS Manager, Matt Jordan breaks down FleetWatcher's easy integration with scale houses.

eticketing fleetwatcher

What is the process to integrate scale data systems into FleetWatcher?                                    From a FleetWatcher standpoint integrating with scales is completely free. We have a team here who works with the customer to get our agent installed on the computer. The main requirements are that it's a Windows or Linux computer that has access to the scale ticket data and that the computer it has a stable internet connection. As long as your system meets those tests, we can quickly add scale ticket data from your plants to the hundreds that are already integrated with FleetWatcher.

What primary benefits do our customers see once this integration is complete?                            Our customers get several reports and access to real time information. Some of that includes:

  • Tons loaded out by a project
  • Tons delivered to the job
  • Real-time KPIs (Tons per hour, cycle time averages, and Trucking cost per ton) 
  • Access to see when each truck was loaded and what plant they were loaded at

Do DOT's and others accept this data on loads in place of the load tickets?                                 Yes our system is being used across the country on various DOT projects and FleetWatcher fulfills the required specs.

Is the load ticket data available in a graph or report in real-time?                                                  Yes, our load cycle analysis displays scale tickets per truck. That information includes truck number, load time, material type, project, tonnage, and other information. 

Have any of our customers been able to reduce costs with scale ticket integration?                    Every customer we are scales integrated with see immediate benefits and savings from our scales integration. 

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