Best Construction Telematics Systems: OEM or FleetWatcher?

Comparing FleetWatcher to OEM Telematics Systems

Many construction companies are using the GPS systems that were installed on the equipment by the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's). While those systems can produce some useful data, our customers have found that there are reasons why fleet owners benefit from a third-party system such as Fleetwatcher. 

Multiple Manufacturers - Where's My Data?

Inevitably, construction companies purchase equipment from different manufacturers. So when owners attempt to access the OEM telematics data, it means that they're searching for data in different systems. Even if you are extremely brand loyal, you'll have equipment in different classes or for different lines of work that come from different manufacturers. But that's a best case scenario. Most companies find themselves looking for data on equipment, such as dozers, in more than one location.

Contrast that with FleetWatcher, you login into one site and are able to quickly get a read on all of your equipment, no matter what manufacturer, type, class, or location. All of the data is in one location.

Multiple Manufacturers - What's My Data Telling Me?

Assuming your equipment has OEM telematic systems installed across your fleet, the OEM systems are all different, which means they'll process and report the information differently. This can make comparing data from one system to another system very difficult and time consuming. 

Fleetwatcher collects and reports the data the same for each piece of equipment, making comparisons very easy.

OEM Systems - Created for the Manufacturer

OEM systems weren't created for you, the owner/manager of a fleet. They were created for them, the manufacturers and dealers. Sure, you can pull reports to know where the equipment is and how many hours it ran. But the OEM's are really interested in that data so they know when it's due for a PM (to sell services and parts), if the operators are running the equipment too hard, and whether you've voided the warranty. 

FleetWatcher - Created for You

Fleetwatcher, on the other hand, was created for you. What information is important to the OEM or dealer is not the same information that is important to you. Does FleetWatcher let you know where it is? Absolutely. But more than where it is, where has it been? what jobs has it been on? and, how much did it run on each job?

Run Hours/Hour meter readings? Of course! FleetWatcher also tracks when and for how long is it running? is it working? is it idling? You'll also be able to tell is it working and making you money? or not, and costing you money and lost production!?

Know when it's due for a PM? Absolutely. But much more. We have a customer that, prior to installing Fleetwatcher, turned in a loader at the end of its useful life that had idled over 60% of the time. If they had installed our system, they could have cut the idle time dramatically, possibly doubling the useful life of that dozer. 

So what's the Best Construction Telematics system? We'll ultimately let you make that choice... But in our book it's a system that works across multiple manufacturers, reports all of your data in one location, and was developed with you in mind. 


About Earthwave

Earthwave Technologies is a provider of telematics solutions exclusively for the heavy equipment contractor. Our wireless fleet management system, FleetWatcher, is used to help construction contractors get a better look at their fleet and help them:

  • Reduce Idle time  
  • Cut fuel and equipment costs 
  • See cycle times and counts, and 
  • Track fleet location and activity

To help with these areas Fleetwatcher provides reports for our customers to easily read the data and develop a plan to address any problems these reports may highlight.


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