FleetWatcher Telematics Platform Monitors Four Key Safe Driver Metrics

Earthwave Technologies, Indianapolis, offers the FleetWatcher telematics platform to monitor four key safe driver metrics, allowing companies to track and amend driver behavior. This GPS-based platform captures vehicle data from either the FleetWatcher App or from an in-vehicle device. It simplifies safe driver programs by focusing on four key metrics: 

  • vehicle speed relative to posted speed limits; 
  • fast starts;
  • hard breaking; and
  • hard turns.

This data is reported continuously and can be used to assign a numeric or letter grade to drivers, who can then be commended or counseled for their performance. Whether required by insurance carriers or as company policy, FleetWatcher customers using this feature have reported significantly improved driver grades when this is added to their safe driver programming.

Speed, which is continuously monitored, can be categorized by vehicle type. For example, a pickup truck driving up to 10 mph over the posted speed limit may be deemed OK (shown in green), while 11-15 mph over is unsatisfactory (shown in yellow), with anything over 15 mph over the speed limit flagged as excessive (shown in red). A tri-axle dump trailer, on the other hand, may be deemed safe while traveling up to 5 mph over the speed limit, with anything over that flagged as excessive (shown in red). Speed ranges and grades are assigned by user administrators and can be varied by vehicle type. 

To assess hard-braking, fast stops are also monitored, as are fast starts and hard turns. Each are similarly assigned numeric or letter grades. Administrators can select how important the various safe driver aspects are, and how to aggregate them into an overall score, which can then be used in driver counseling. 

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