Barrett Paving Manages Trucking Efficiently with VSTs

Barrett Paving is an established paving contractor that specializes in roadway repairs, asphalt paving, and excavating and grading. As a company that has been in the industry for over 150 years, Barrett understands the importance of coming up with new solutions to evolve with the times. After beginning its partnership with FleetWatcher a few years ago, Barrett Paving has made big strides in its paving operations. One feature that has been the most useful for the team is the VST (virtual shift ticketing) feature. VSTs are designed to help project managers know when drivers are on the clock, what kind of loads they are hauling, and how many tons per truck there are. The team at Barrett spoke about their experience with VST’s during one of our previous webinars in December.

Dispatcher Keith Riley commented, “We started off using the paper tickets as most do, working by the hour and/or tonnage. But the VSTs are based on GPS, so there is no paperwork and the drivers can see it as well.” Keith continued, “Since the truckers know that they are being watched, our [the company’s] performance has increased tremendously. There's no sandbagging, there's no hiding behind the RAP pile or trucks waiting on each other, they just do their job”.

We asked Keith, “Before you were using VSTs, what did that process look like and how did VSTs help you improve the process of paying your trucks?”. Keith explained that when the company used physical paper tickets the foreman was responsible for signing drivers in and out. No one would review the tickets until a week later, which would sometimes leave a lot of room for error. With FleetWatcher’s VSTs, everything is done in real-time and the admin can immediately see if there are any problems with the trucks. “The admin just loves it. It’s just taken away so much paperwork. We have tickets downloaded on Monday and completed, then [our accountants] export and we have it in the system and I'm approving the final pay by Wednesday morning. It's great!”

The brokers and truckers have liked the transition as well because it is less work for them and they can see their shift ticket as soon as the next day. Within the first month of using VSTs, the Barrett team was amazed by how smooth the process was and chose to go paperless from that point forward. 

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