How OnStation helps FleetWatcher users Pinpoint Location of Each Asphalt Load

Patrick Russo is a successful business professional with start-up experience in many fields including home construction, office supplies, and even wedding cakes. In 2018, Patrick met ODOT Engineer Jake Bailosky through the Cleveland Entrepreneur network. Jake had been working on an app called OnStation that was designed to help roadway workers locate themselves on the job. After being introduced to the app, Patrick saw an opportunity for OnStation in the heavy equipment and highway industry and came on board as CEO. “It's a growing industry. Every time you drive your car you realize how many roads and how many construction projects are out there.” OnStation was aware of the manual pen and paper processes that were in place to track job location and saw a way to streamline the process through technology.

The collaboration between OnStation and FleetWatcher all started at a conference where Patrick met Earthwave Vice President, Evan Triggs. After talking, it became apparent that both companies had a similar mission of giving contractors accurate information and visibility on job sites. Earthwave provides digital scale ticket information for paving jobs while OnStation allows contractors to see their exact location/station

while on a job. Together, they track loads from the plant to the paver without any manual entry required. With the integration, crews can automatically see more detailed information on where the loads are distributed. 

Our OnStation Integration helps users:

  •  Pinpoint Station Location of each load of asphalt
  • View location on electronic tickets
  • Easily share information with DOT and construction crew personnel

Pre-existing FleetWatcher users do not need to have additional hardware installed to use the integration. Patrick explains “We are providing more value to the DOT and the customer and it's simple. They don’t have to do anything because everything is happening behind the scenes.”

To learn more about FleetWatcher’s collaboration with OnStation can improve your paving operations, contact us at info@fleetwatcher.


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