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Our App as a Device provides customers with Driver/Truck Assignments, collects Driver Safety data, as well as other data elements that populate the Material Delivery Load Cycle Analysis (LCA). In addition, the Driver App can stand-in for a classic FleetWatcher device.

CEO Larry Baker notes, “We are excited to release this new functionality.  It’s just another ‘device’ in our tool chest that collects data utilized with our Materials Management Solution (MMS). We have developed this in answer to the requests of the market, but I believe the wholesale adoption of smartphone technology for the purpose of tracking trucks is a couple of years out.  It works in some cases and not so
well in others.  Like any other technology, it will be an evolutionary process.”

To read the full press release, click here.

Now available for Android and Apple on the Play/App Stores for download and installation.


How it Works 

fleetwatcher_e-ticketing_2020_final-72dpiFleetWatcher employs GPS-enabled transponders which relay positioning information in real time.      These can be installed:

  • Through a hardwired battery connection for owned vehicles
  • Through a cigarette lighter adapter for fast and easy installation in brokered vehicles
  • Through a smartphone app

Information is relayed continuously and displayed on computer screens in the office as well as on tablets and smartphones in the field.

Armed with this information, managers can make real-time decisions on routing, so that trucks move efficiently between the asphalt plant and the job site. Streamlining the routing also eliminates trucks from travelling in groups and sitting idly while awaiting their turn in front of the paver.

Turn on and Drive!

Collects Driver & Equipment Assignment Support

Collects Driver Safety



What our Customers Say about FleetWatcher

"We of course did the GPS stuff and they were great for the time that we were using them, and we didn’t know we needed more at the time until I was introduced to FleetWatcher and it really uncovered a lot of things for us and introduced a lot of opportunities for us to improve our operation, improve our efficiencies, and really control more of our costs."

 -David White,  Vice President, Superior Paving Corp.

“The truck drivers love it because they get to see where exactly the project is on a map so they can hit the road; the asphalt plant operators love it because it allows them to stockpile and prepare loads knowing exactly when the next truck will be ready to load. "We knew Earthwave was our preferred partner—they just spoke our language."

-Shawn Smith, Central Region Construction Operations Manager, SIMON Contractors Wyoming

One of my favorite features honestly is just the ability to have the app on my phone, look up a truck and see real-time where that truck is. We have a lot of contractors who are wondering where their truck is at any given time. So this function has been amazing for us in dispatch to have readily available.”

   Jessica Vanderzanden, Aggregate/Asphalt Dispatcher         Knife River Oregon