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Day 1: This job shown in the graph below is an excavator loading 45-ton trucks at a quarry. The job is supposed to have 3 trucks operating. The day starts with two trucks operating with an operator moving from truck 516 to truck 517 at approximately 9 AM.  The excavator continued to load the two trucks. A little after noon the superintendent showed up at the job. He showed the crew the FleetWatcher app and the visibility he could see on their activity and production, including the ability to count loads and approximate tonnage. Activity increased, cycles were shortened and production increased for the remainder of the day.

The average cycle time for the day was 4:15. Total loads were 92 with total tonnage of 4,140 tons.

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Day 2: The Excavator Operator/Foreman was given access to the FleetWatcher App. Truck 516 got a late start. However, production continued at an increased pace throughout the day.  

The average cycle time for the day was 3:42. Total loads were 189 with total tonnage of 8,505 tons.

There was an increase in loads and tonnage of over 100% in one day after the crew was aware of FleetWatcher's automating and tracking of activity.


  • Had the first truck shown up on time, it would have resulted in an additional 12-13 loads and approximately 550 tons, resulting in over 9000 tons per day. The bid and goal was 5000 TPD. 
  • Prior days showed that the driver was repeatedly late. However, the time sheets did not reflect tardiness. The situation was corrected.
  • Idle alert for truck 517 on day 1 alerted the superintendent and equipment manager that truck was idling and not working.

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